Blessed with all the ingredients to make a perfect holiday experience, Australia is one of the dream destinations for many tourists across the world. Offering a distinctive edge over other countries, it no longer is a daunting task to book or plan a vacation. Being the smallest continent in the world, it is well acclaimed for its enigmatic beauty as well as natural attractions. There are a number of wildlife parks and sanctuaries, pristine beaches, heritage and cultural beauty, man-made attractions and exciting destinations to visit in the country.

Enriched with some of the most beautiful cities in the world such as Melbourne and Sydney there are a number of breath-taking spots as well as sights to view while on a vacation. Each region of the country offers something different and unique to the traveler.

Australia is a massive country and offers a number of places which are all unique and different from one another. Do you want to visit and explore the urban environs of Sydney? Would you prefer going for a road trip across the east coast, exploring the Great Barrier Reef? You may want to go inland on an adventure 4 WD in the famous Australian Outback. Whichever it is, it is best to research well about the country before deciding which area you would like to visit.

Pre-planning one’s trip is very important especially if you want your travel trouble free. There are a number of travel agencies as well as companies who take care of all the travel requirements, right from visa requirements, booking inter as well as intra city tickets, hotel bookings or any other pre-booking requirements to various scenic as well as exciting locations that require entry by ticket or a sightseeing tour guide.

These companies are known to offer a variety of tour packages which are known to suit the varying budgets of different tourists. These trips are also inclusive of luxury packages as well. Some of these include Sydney Day Tours, Blue Mountains Day Trip, Port Stephens Dolphin Watch Tours, etc. These group tours offer a person to get in depth knowledge as well as information about a certain place that you are visiting. These trips can be tailor-made so as to cover specific interests as well as particular activities that one is passionate about.

One of the best features of Australia holiday packages is that they offer peace of mind to the travelers. While travelling to a foreign country, many people may overlook the safety and security factor. By opting for these packages, tour guides are available to sort any help or support that is required.

There are basically two types of travel enthusiasts – one who loves to travel in the mountains and enjoy the frenzy of heights and clouds; others who like to get wet and enjoy the sunshine on the various beaches all over the world. For the residents of India, the second type does not get any better than Goa. Truly containing the best beaches in the mainland of the country, this heavenly state would provide you with that high that you had been missing for a long time in your monotonous life. Whether it is a quiet vacation with your family or loved ones, or a full on a fun trip with your friends and pals; Goa offers you everything. This beach state has everything you need for; from fun filled resorts and hotels to honeymoon suites that can bring the romance back in your lives. Most of the Goa hotels are situated on the beach; which provides a different type of high. You can enjoy a quiet walk on the beach in the morning or at night; or can join the beach parties that happen quite frequently all over the beaches of the state.

The state is primarily divided into two regions – the North Goa and the South Goa. Tourists can choose to live wherever they wish to; the perfect cocktail of sea beaches, the cross cultural atmosphere and the presence of small hills add to the fun over here. The state was primarily settled by Portuguese people over the years; so their descendants have brought in a cross cultural ethnicity which reflects over the numerous churches and the people all over the state of Goa. The climate is windy and wet; and does not allow for much suffocation, which is another advantage for you whilst you are having a dream time in Goa.

The state has so much to offer to everyone. The long drives down the beaches, the romantic getaways for you and your partner; the hangout zones in the forts, beaches and the resorts with your friends would provide you the time of your life. Beaches like Colva, Baga, Kovalam, and many more; are natural sun kisses beaches for you to have fun with your loved ones. Also for the adventure minded; there are various sports like water polo, beach volleyball, Paragliding, water shooting, water skiing, parasailing and many more. The time spent at the Goa hotels is also memorable; with lots of fun and activities to lighten you up.

The island of Menorca is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Balearic Islands – for good reason. Providers like Bartle Holidays have handpicked a selection of villas, apartments, and country houses to ensure your accommodation is as wonderful as the spectacular landscape of the island.

Among the many reasons for the island’s immense popularity is the sheer beauty of its coastline and countryside. It features miles of sheltered harbours and pristine beaches, gently rolling hills, nature preserves, and lush private estates. Along with that, its wealth of architectural treasures and cultural heritage (with monuments dating back to the Bronze Age and an eclectic mix of cultures), and an array of exciting activities is enough to keep visitors coming all year round.

Of course, not everyone has extended periods of time to explore this spectacular island. To make sure you can make the most of your stay in in a Bartle Holidays villa in Menorca, listed below are some recommendations.


Menorca’s historic capital, Mahon, is a definite ‘can’t-miss.’ This charming, historic town was built by settlers around a spectacular inland harbour, and features cobbled streets lined with ages-old Georgian architecture. If you’re out on a Tuesday or Saturday check out the local market for mouth-watering delicacies, or explore its various charming shops for unique souvenirs and great bargains. Leather goods, jewellery, the famous Mahon cheese, and locally produced gin are among its most popular products, with the local gin and cheese factories offering tours and samples or tasting to visitors.

Maó Harbour

Maó Harbour is another ‘must-do’ on the list. This historic location not only gives you a taste of life in a port town, but is also the perfect place to begin a leisurely tour of the island via water. From Maó Harbour, boats provide passengers with a great view of the island from afar, showcasing fascinating La Mola Fortress, Fort Malborough, Sant Felip Castle, and the Lazaretto, which was once used to quarantine people afflicted with deadly communicable diseases such as plague or leprosy. Another option is to take a glass-bottomed catamaran for an entirely different tour of the island, to experience the various local flora and fauna flourishing beneath its crystal blue waters.


If you’re out with the family for a day of fun and sightseeing, Ciutadella should be your first stop. The town itself is filled with architectural treasures such as the Municipal Museum of Ciutadella, which dates back to 1677, and the Diocese Museum, an old convent restructured to house Talayotic and other early archaeological finds, as well as paintings by the famous local artist Pere Daura. Children will especially love Castillo Menorca, an entertainment park featuring gardens, trampolines, mini golf, sand pits, a climbing wall, swimming pools, and water chutes; whereas adults will no doubt enjoy the many souvenir shops featuring locally made delicacies and crafts.

People have different ideas as to what constitutes a great couple’s getaway destination. Some couples want privacy and the ability to shut out the outside world and just be together in a private resort; whereas others want to relax and be pampered in order to recover from the stresses of the real world. Still others may want to party and participate in an active nightlife scene before heading back to the challenges of their everyday lives, and some may want non-stop romance, with moonlit walks on the beach, intimate candle-lit dinners for two, and breakfast in bed. Fortunately, a stay in one of the Cala Galdana villas on Menorca provides everything you could ever want!

Menorca for Lovers

Ensconced in a lush, picturesque landscape, Cala Galdana villas give lovers privacy and every thing imaginable for a romantic and comfortable stay. They provide access to anything a holidaymaker could ever want, including crystal clear waters and private coves, scrumptious local cuisine and fine dining establishments, and miles and miles of pristine beaches.

What to See

Although lovers may come to the island with the idea of spending their entire holiday inside their Cala Galdana villas, just seeing the stunning beach, a beautiful horseshoe-shaped cove recognised as one of the best in Spain, will surely change their minds. As well, there is easy access to many other gorgeous beaches around the island, each with its own attractions.

Cala Mitjana, to the east, promises a beach free from crowds, whereas walking up the Cami de Cavalls, an easy coastal path, will lead you to Cala Macarella and Cala Macareletta, two of the most popular beaches on the island. Further exploration to the south will reveal a picturesque, golden-sanded coastline fringed with pine trees and high cliffs; whereas an excursion to the north will lead you to white sands, white-water inlets, and rocky coves. In addition to the natural landscape, you’re also sure to spot interesting flora and fauna indigenous to the island. Whatever direction you decide to take, the view will be amazing.

The Food of Love

Another great reason to get out and about is to try the fabulous cuisine. Some may say people can’t live on love alone, but the truth is, the stomach is still the best and most direct route to someone’s heart! After all, so many of our emotions and memories are tied up with food, so it’s no coincidence that a date nearly always means dinner!

Imagine starting your day with breakfast on your patio featuring freshly squeezed juice from fruits grown on the island itself and freshly baked bread. For lunch, why not take a bus from your Cala Galdana villas to Ciutadella for a light lunch of freshly caught seafood and a bit of sightseeing and shopping? Sunsets are best seen from the beach, so make your reservations early at one of the seaside restaurants. For an extra-romantic touch, consider dinner at one of the restaurants tucked into the island’s natural coves. You’ll believe the rest of the world has disappeared, except for the two of you.

If you’re planning the perfect Menorcan holiday, Cala Galdana villas make the ideal base for your exploration of everything this wonderful island has to offer.

Located on Menorca’s wonderful south coast, a mere 40-minute trip from the airport, Cala Galdana villas are highly popular with visitors. In fact, the region is considered by many as the most loved, most photographed, and most visited on the entire island. No wonder it’s called the Queen of the Calas!

So what can you do from a stay in one of the Cala Galdana villas? Well, there’s something for everyone, even families with varied preferences. Listed below are some suggestions as to the attractions and activities that make this island so special.

Days at the Beach

The most obvious draw when choosing accommodations here is the magnificent horseshoe beach, bordered by towering cliffs. This is a Blue Flag beach, with all the amenities that can be expected from a world-class resort. The beach itself offers many activities. Water sports are available, and many of the seaside establishments offer equipment rentals and everything visitors could need.


Cala Galdana villas also make a good starting point for walks of various levels of pace, length, and difficulty. Walks and hikes across the scenic Menorcan countryside or along the Cami de Cavalls, as well as the various coastal trails to the many secluded natural beaches, are highly popular. Discover Cala Mitjana to the east and Calas Macarella and Macareletta to the west of the resort – their secluded beauty and quiet environments make a vast counterpoint to the bustle of the busy tourist resorts.

The Algendar Gorge, a dramatic limestone gorge that begins outside the town of Ferreries, is another popular natural attraction. The small river it is named after, the Algendar, flows out into the sea, adding to the majesty of this natural wonder.

Go Out

Proximity to a number of wonderful establishments that highlight the best of Menorcan cuisine is another highlight of the region. It’s a simple affair to eat out and have fun as a couple or in a family restaurant, where the children can enjoy their meals and even have some entertainment. Es Barranc, for instance, is a lovely, unassuming establishment that’s popular with the locals and the tourists. Its wonderful meals, family-friendly environment and helpful, cheerful staff make it a perfect place to bring the whole family. (The caldereta and paella come very highly recommended.) Resaurante Tipico Meson Murciano is another establishment with very good reviews – its local dishes are wonderful, plus they have great pizza – always a popular choice with children.